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Spinning Gymnastics Guy Toy

Spinning Gymnastics Guy Toy

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This spinning gymnastics guy toy would be a perfect time waster at the office, or would certainly be a perfect gift idea for kids.


This gymnastics toy features a guy that you spin around a high bar and then try to release him at just the right time for him to 1) land right side up on his feet, and 2) land within stripes within the landing pad for the most points. Assuming you're with a group of people, this game will probably give you a lot of fun while you compete against each other for the highest amount of points.

The spinning gymnastics guy game has two buttons, a yellow button for pumping the guys legs, and a red button that releases him from the bar. There's also a smaller button that allows you to power the game on and off to save battery when not in use. The game is powered by 4 AA batteries (which are not included), and comes with a high bar gymnast, a horizontal bar and frame, and a dismount mat.

The game even comes with a bracket chart, so if you're looking to get crazy serious about your gymnastics toy, you can setup a tournament with your friends to see who is the ultimate spinning gymnastics guy champion.


1* Spinning Gymnastics Guy Toy

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