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Match Madness Board Game
Match Madness Board Game
Match Madness Board Game
Match Madness Board Game
Match Madness Board Game
Match Madness Board Game
Match Madness Board Game
Match Madness Board Game

Match Madness Board Game

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We have basic and high-level version for you to choose. The high-level version is more difficult than the basic version. (NOTE: the high-level version can not be used without the basic version.)

This is a challenging pattern matching game, which is of great help to children's observation ability, memory ability and anti-interference ability. Children aged 4-8 are in the sensitive period of mathematical concepts and have a strong interest in numbers and counting. Seizing this opportunity to cultivate children's logical thinking is of great benefit to future intellectual development.

In the game, children will start by finding the copy of regular and simple patterns. The game is a good training for children’s concentration. At the same time, children will learn to use clear goals, collect information, and use points and patterns to find patterns. Then analyze the problem, find the starting point, and then try various possibilities, and finally solve the problem.

As a basic method for training children's thinking, this game can help children establish spatial thinking and orderly thinking, train and enhance their memory ability. It can also be carried out in groups to strengthen the cooperation and communication awareness between children.


  • Fast-paced and lots of action!
  • A game of rapid visual recognition!
  • Perfect for game nights with family & friends!



Players scramble to match, with their blocks, the pattern shown on the card. The first player to successfully match the pattern grabs the card and shows the other players that the configuration of their blocks matches the pattern on the card. If the player is correct, they keep the card. A new card is flipped over and another round begins. The player with the most cards wins!


  • Age: 4+ years old
  • Number of Game Players: 4
  • Item Dimensions: 7.8 x 3.9 x 7.8 inches
  • Item Weight: 0.8kg


basic version

20 - Playing blocks (4 sets of 5 different blocks).

60 - Pattern cards (12 cards in 5 difficulty levels: difficulty levels are indicated by the number of lines on the borders of each card).

high-level version

4 - Playing blocks

60 - Pattern cards (Sixth level: the most difficult)