8 in 1 Crayons
8 in 1 Crayons
8 in 1 Crayons
8 in 1 Crayons
8 in 1 Crayons
8 in 1 Crayons
8 in 1 Crayons
8 in 1 Crayons
8 in 1 Crayons

8 in 1 Crayons

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This is a cute party favor gift for kids in the themed birthday party, and they will like these crayons for toddlers' party favor supplies.

These crayons are easy to carry, each crayon has 8 interchangeable color, enough color choice to meet your different painting creation need anytime and anywhere.


  • πŸ– 8 In 1 Multicolored Crayon
    Each crayon contains 8 colors, all of which are beautiful and suitable for your basic use. The colored crayons will meet the needs of the drawing process and the colorful inks will stimulate your creativity and imagination and increase your interest in learning.

  • πŸ– Convenient To Use
    Environmentally friendly crayon, the refill can be replaced at will, you can quickly switch between different colors with a light press, fun and practical all in one, not easy to dirty your hands, non-toxic, children can use it without worry.

  • πŸ– Practical Drawing/Writing Colored Crayons
    Featuring a sturdy cap and smooth ink, these crayons combine a cute look with practicality to help you write or draw with them conveniently.

Compared to a large box of crayons, this one is lighter and more portable, so it's easy to carry around for outdoor sketching or school.


  • Material: Plastic

  • Crayons Color: Black, Blue, Purple, Green, Orange, Yellow, Pink, Red


    1. 4 case colors in total, colors shipped at random.

    2. Due to the different display and lighting effects, the actual color of the item may be slightly different from the color displayed in the picture.