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A different type of preschool education.

Preschool education is always considered to be vital. It is the perfect time to cultivate your child's interest in learning, and it’s easier to correct the posture of holding pen and writing method.
Packed with fun, effective, and practical exercises, each preschool copybook page helps children gain valuable eye-hand coordination and other pre-handwriting skills.

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  • English letters copybook

    English letters copybook helps your kids grasp the basic English handwriting skills and to write beautiful English words.

  • Number copybook

    Letter-tracing exercises help your child with number recognition and pre-handwriting skills.

  • Drawing copybook

    Perfect for your kids to recognize everyday signs and shapes, and excite their interest in painting.

  • Math copybook

    The Math copybook contains simple math for kids to practice simple calculation.

  • Magic Practice Copybook Set

    A set of Magic Practice Copybook includes one of each copybook mentioned above.

New Updated Version

This new version uses the font Zaner Bloser which officially recommended by the U.S. Bureau of Education.
It’s much bigger than original version, adding more practice content.

Handwriting automatically disappear after dry

With each copybook, we offer you a set of pencil grip set. The handwriting will disappear within 15 minutes after writing, so the copybook can be reused. There are 1 pen holder and 5 pen cores, and the children can practice for a long time.

High-quality material

The paper is thick, not easy to smudge and not easy to stain. The pen holder is made of silica gel, 100% safe for kids.

Best book for early education

Build essential skills help your little one learn their letters, numbers and pictures on every page. It is a good tool for developing fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination skills.

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